Enterprise Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager gives you the possibility to choose who can, or cannot access your IT system and to what extent. Individual user rights can be restricted and unauthorised access to the system denied. Central administration of all integrated systems reinforces a company’s security levels and help to prevent data leaving the company unnoticed.


Maximum cost control with designated user access and accounts

Controlled user authorization and access are of vital importance when considering the economics and operation of digital multifunctional systems.

In some cases, it can make sense to restrict the use of colour or limit certain functions to selected users or workgroups. Authentication Manager, the central server software, allows you to authorise specific and detailed user rights for selected ineos on the network in just one step. From then on, any user logging into a specific system requires either a PIN, ID via the finger vein scanner or a valid chip card. Input data is then compared with the predefined authentication data on the server.

With the “Card Self-Registration” it is possible to easily integrate new users in an existing card-infrastructure without any additional work for the IT-Administration. Three security levels control the card disposition and keep new registrations transparent for the Administration.

New users and group structures will be completely and automatically synchronised with Windows centralised directory service Active Directory in order to avoid the necessity of double permissions and to enhance a consistent user management.

So-called “public users” with no specific authorisation can be given standard system rights such as access to copy functions. In addition, or as an alternative to individual access, accounts can be configured giving access to entire departments and project groups.

Authentication Manager reduces your IT administrator’s workload by giving users and accounts one-step access to the digital systems.

How you benefit

  • Controlled user access with authorisation via:
    • Password (max. 8 digit PIN)
    • Finger vein authentication (requires e.g. AU-101)
    • Chip card ID (requires e.g. AU-201)
  • Download users in Active Directory via LDAP for central registration
  • “Public users” without registered access rights can be restricted e.g. to b/w use only
  • Combine individual users to form a user group
  • Create accounts with controlled access to ineo features and functions according to departments, workgroups, customers, periods and projects
  • Controllable functions:
    • Print (colour, b/w)
    • Copy (colour, b/w)
    • Scan
    • Fax
    • BOX (personal HD memory access)
  • Input of manual scan and fax addresses can be blocked for reasons of security
  • User access rights can be stored as a template for repeated use i.e. copy access rights
  • Variable analysis options are available for both users and accounts in combination with the optional Account Manager, an additional Enterprise Suite module.
  • Card Self-Registration to easily integrate new users in the card infrastructure
  • View and free editing of card-ID’s in the Administrator UI
  • Frequent synchronisation with Acitve Directory
  • Combination of single users to user groups
  • Fast and easy definition of limitations for single users or groups