Enterprise My Print Manager

A company’s productivity can be greatly influenced through the use of multifunctional digital systems. However, a growing number of different devices in the network increases the complexity of the workflow. If several users send their print jobs to a device which is in use for faxing or scanning at the same time, this could lead to (technical) complications at the document output or to a long waiting period.


What makes My Print Manager so special?

Follow-me printing of the Enterprise My Print Manager takes user convenience and security aspects to a new level. Not only does it enable confidential printing anywhere; it also facilitates print fleet optimisation and, by avoiding wasted output that is never collected, helps reduce print volumes and enhances cost efficiency.

The My Print Manager provides a comprehensive follow-me printing functionality that is available in Windows Print Server and Point & Print environments. The My Print Manager can also be used as a stand-alone application, offering secure printing without driver authentication, and supports ID & Print as well as Select Jobs.

The clear arranged print job list makes a Box (personal memory on the devices hard disk) for unclaimed prints dispensable, it also eliminates printing mistakes (sent to the wrong printer) and unintentional prints to reduce paper waste in the office.

What does My Print Manager offer you?

  • Follow-me printing both without print server or with print server and Active Directory (requires Authentication Manager for communication)
  • Convenient sorting, filtering and deletion of print jobs via print job list with user (own jobs) and administrator (all jobs) view
  • Print job quota settings for single users or groups, by number of jobs or calculated total size
  • Auto deletion of abandoned jobs after specified time period
  • Customisable panel design
  • Up to 200 devices per server
  • “ID & Print” function