dokoni FIND

The solution dokoni FIND helps users access the information they need, independent of it´s format or the repository it resides in. It works from a single point of access across all applications in which it indexes all available data and files, abstracting content from disparate data silos and capturing it in a secure common index.  It finds and retrieves any type of data fast, uniting connected data stores, applications and databases into one Universal Index.


Finding critical data gives most corporations headaches

Digital environments are larger and more sprawling than ever. Storing more information is, in many ways, a positive development. It means employees can support their current work with details from the company’s past and make better decisions using a multitude of data points. But when can more data be a bad thing? When the sheer quantity of information and related information silos, become so great that you can’t find what you’re looking for companies that want to efficiently use their data are poorly served by the current state of siloed search procedures. Finding information has become central to a worker’s business processes, but every day, the environment fragments a little more.

IDC specified that today’s employees need to be “the glue” within busy IT settings, working with a plethora of systems that do not work well together. The analyst firm revealed that today’s knowledge workers devote a huge portion of their time to finding what they need to do their jobs — estimated at 11 hours a week on everyday searches and research. They further estimate that this daily lost productivity costs an annual $19,732 per employee, a significant expense


  • Improves User Productivity
    - Single point access lets users log in once to search across dozens of data silos simultaneously
    - Fast, one-click retrieval lets users access and open original source documents without knowing the file name or logging into the target app
    - Powerful OCR technology allows users to search deeply for actual content inside each file, including image files (pdf, dwg, tiff, jpeg), not just the metadata and file names
  • Fast deployment, fast ROI
    - Pre-integrated, packaged software eliminates the need for custom coding
    - Installation and indexing take as little as a day, and your staff can begin using the system right away
    - Protect your investment in legacy Apps, so you can leave existing data exactly where it is for easy access while you migrate to new cloud-based alternatives
  • Keep security high
    - The solution will comply with your security schema you already have in place (incl. Microsoft Active Directory) to ensure users can access only the content they are authorized to see

Data Privacy in alignment with GDPR requirements: Enterprise Search for GDPR

The first step to compliance is getting control of data.
With dokoni FIND, DEVELOP’s Enterprise Search solution companies are able to search through all their data which can be stored in a variety of source systems.

Based on that dokoni FIND easily find out where personal identifiable information (PII) is stored. Moreover, the GDPR module dokoni FIND Insight enables Data Protection Officers creating specific reports to identify PII, to gather information into a readable format and to show all records where PII has been exposed.

Learn more how dokoni FIND can help with GDPR:
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