Greater flexibility through mobile printing

Anywhere, anytime printing with new DEVELOP colour systems

Langenhagen, December 2015

The workplace of the future is flexible and mobile. With more and more office workers now needing to print from their mobile devices, the new ineo+ 227/287 colour systems from DEVELOP are the ideal printing solution for forward-looking businesses. These multifunctional devices help make an office fit for the future.

The highlight of these two new colour systems from DEVELOP is undoubtedly their state-of-the-art mobile printing functionality, says product manager Julien Azzi: “Mobile usability is increasingly becoming a must-have in today’s office environments. After all, no office worker wants to experience any time-wasting hassle when printing or scanning from a mobile device. The ineo+ 227/287 meet the needs of businesses where mobile working habits are common and ease of use is essential.”

Printing anywhere, anytime

Mobile office workers want the flexibility of printing documents from any in-house digital printing system – whenever the need arises. The latest additions to DEVELOP’s multifunctional colour line-up, the ineo+ 227 and ineo+287, meet this need. Equipped with embedded near-field communication (NFC) for Android devices, these devices will automatically connect to an office worker’s tablet or smartphone and conveniently provide touch-to-print and touch-to-scan functionality.

More than a multifunctional printer

Mobile printing isn’t their only strength. Both devices offer offices enhanced productivity, high capacity and versatile finishing options. With a maximum paper size of A3 and a printing speed of 22 pages per minute (ppm) on the ineo+ 227 and 28 ppm on the ineo+287 (in black and white or colour), they are both ideally equipped to meet the printing requirements of small- to mid-sized offices or work groups. Their 7-inch touchscreen panel is an intuitive interface offering easy-to-use operability and can be customised to suit the specific needs of individual users or groups – a feature that saves a lot of time on routine printing or copying jobs.

Improved carbon footprint

As more and more businesses prioritise sustainability, they recognise the need to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, the ineo+ 227/287 can play its part. The redesigned engine in these A3 multifunctional printers is not only more compact but also weighs 15% less than the predecessor model. Add to this energy-efficient power consumption and various improvements to the hardware and the outcome is a reduction in these devices’ carbon footprint. This is not only good for the environment but also enables a business to reduce its energy costs and print more cost-effectively.

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