Improved Indoor Air Quality


A better working environment with improved Indoor Air Quality

The air we breathe is closely linked to our health and wellbeing – and the air at our place of work is likely to affect our comfort and productivity. DEVELOP is committed to improving people’s working environments in whichever way possible, for instance by offering sustainable and effective solutions that help our customers improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of their working space by reducing emissions.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) indicates how clean inside air is. It is influenced by various factors, including smoking, emissions by carpets and their glue, or from furniture and office equipment like computers or printers.  IAQ is part of the IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality – which does not only concern air quality and pollution, but also factors such as temperature or humidity. Good IEQ is characterised by comfortable temperature and humidity, good ventilation including fresh air supply, as well as a controlled environment with regard to chemicals and microbes.

While laser printers are only one of many sources for odours and emissions in our everyday environment, DEVELOP has developed filter solutions that significantly reduce such emissions. These filters are designed to offer a convenient and highly efficient alternative for our environmentally and health conscious customers as well as those who are sensitive or suffer from allergies and are therefore looking to improve the indoor air quality at their workspace.

Air Cleaning Units – for a comfortable working environment

Our Air Cleaning Units are attached to the outside of office systems and provide an efficient solution for A3/A4 models. The filter solutions are specifically designed for the DEVELOP product portfolio to prevent any unwanted side effects.

  • The Standard Air Cleaning Unit
    - Emissions can be reduced by a minimum of 90%
    - Already standard in the latest DEVELOP products bizhub C308/C368
  • The Optional Air Cleaning Unit
    - Emissions can be reduced by a minimum of 82% up to 97%
    - Two different filters are used for DEVELOP A3 and A4 devices
Indoor Air Quality visualization

The benefits at a glance

  • Let DEVELOP take care so you can concentrate on your core competencies
  • Highest efficiency in minimising emissions
  • Specifically designed for DEVELOP devices
  • Lasts a lifetime (of the device) – no need for exchange or replacement

Tested and certified

At DEVELOP, we consider the safe and reliable performance of our products of paramount importance. All of our office system filter solutions have therefore been tested according to RAL UZ-171 standards and have achieved results of between 82 and 97% efficiency, depending on the office system used.