Stopping sensitive data falling into the wrong hands

ineo SECURE helps to protect office devices against data theft

Langenhagen, Germany, September 2016 - The threat to a company’s IT infrastructure posed by hackers and malware has risen significantly in recent years. Whereas companies spend millions on security technology, they often neglect the huge amount of data residing in and processed by their multifunctional office devices. Yet data, and in particular sensitive data, are one of the most important assets any company can have. To deal with the threat to device-based company data, DEVELOP has launched an industry-leading security service known as ineo SECURE.

Not long ago, an independent laboratory purchased three multifunctional office devices from an online auction platform. None, incidentally, were from DEVELOP or Konica Minolta. The lab’s specialists then checked how secure these devices were. What they discovered was alarming: it proved perfectly easy to retrieve highly confidential data (e.g. tax declarations) from the hard disk of one of the devices, which was formerly owned by a tax consultant. This would not have been possible if the device had been properly secured against external interference. “DEVELOP is one of the industry-leading manufacturers in terms of data security,” says Janin Radmacher, the ineo SECURE product manager. “Our devices offer one of the widest sets of security features as part of their standard functionality. The aim is to provide products and technologies that safeguard the confidentiality of data and documents.”

Customised security
After determining a customer’s precise requirements, DEVELOP specialists will configure a device’s security features – either prior to on-site installation or at the customer’s premises. An ineo SECURE label placed on front of the device provides visual evidence of the customised security package so that all users can be confident that any sensitive data passing through the device will stay confidential.

Safety first
The comprehensive suite of optional security features offered by ineo SECURE includes encryption of the hard disk drive (HDD) via an individualised password, enabling the HDD to overwrite temporary data and configuring the HDD to automatically delete a job in specified user boxes. “When it comes to data security, we are driven by just one motto: ‘Safety first’. Ensuring our customers’ peace of mind is a key aspect of the ineo SECURE service,” Janin Radmacher explains.

Key benefits
By guarding against possible security leaks from a multifunctional office device, ineo SECURE provides reliable protection for a customer’s documents, data and other sensitive information. In this way ineo SECURE helps to prevent a company’s business secrets from being stolen and its finances or reputation from being harmed as a result of data theft.


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