A new era in professional printing - DEVELOP’s new production printer beats bottlenecks and boosts productivity

The benefits DEVELOP’s latest monochrome production printers bring to commercial print-shops, print-for-pay outlets and in-house printrooms open up a new era in professional print-ing. By delivering enhanced efficiency, convincing reliability and superior versatility, the ineo 1250e and ineo 1052e effectively deal with the production bottlenecks and delay that often bug this segment.

Langenhagen, March 2016

“Professional printers in commercial printshops or corporate printrooms are asking for outstanding print quality and reliable performance. The ineo 1250e series offers both,” says product manager Mer-yem Petretta. “This monochrome printer is well equipped to deal with even the toughest work loads. With its new finishing features, the ineo 1250e series takes fully automated print workflows to an even higher level of efficiency, while ensuring print output of the highest quality. What’s more, the modular configuration concept behind the ineo 1250e series makes it one of the most flexible production print systems on the market.”

Automated finishing
In any time-critical printing environment automated workflows are key. The new inline finishing unit SD-513 available for the ineo 1250e series allows users to automate the entire printing and finishing process, e.g. through fully automated creasing, three-edge trimming and spine corner forming. Addi-tional finishing options include an exclusive kit for envelope printing and a decurler unit with an option-al humidifier. Alternatively, the ineo 1250e series can be seamlessly integrated into an automated end-to-end workflow. Inline finishing reduces the time needed to handle jobs, improves lead times, saves staff time and reduces machine set-up times. That’s a total-cost-of-ownership investment that quickly pays its way and then reduces on-going production costs.

Superior performance
The ineo 1250e series delivers a convincing performance in terms of speed and print quality. The two printers offer excellent performance, helping to speed up operations: The ineo 1250e can print up to 125 ppm A4 / 70 ppm A3, while the ineo 1052e can print up to 105 ppm A4 / 60 ppm A3. These mono-chrome printers are fast enough to set aside any concerns about production bottlenecks or costly de-lays on time-critical print jobs. Moreover, the tone curve utility for profession tone curve and screening adjustments ensures outstanding output quality. Last but not least, this kind of performance does not come at the climate’s expense. The ineo 1250e series can deliver carbon-neutral printing, as proven by a corresponding certificate for this printer as well as the printouts it produces.


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