Appreciating our Partners

DEVELOP stands for sustainable partnerships in combination with strong technical expertise and powerful innovations. Since these values are important to us as a company and when working with our partners, they are reflected in our new Partner Programme.


Your business is important to us

It is important to us to maintain the business identities of our partners. Each partner’s business is where it is because of specific success factors that are unique to that business. Whether DEVELOP partners have specialist expertise in a particular field or their strength is a breadth of knowledge and products, diversity is welcome at DEVELOP and being different is one of the strengths of our partner businesses.

Our DEVELOP Partner Programme is straightforward, fair and transparent. You hold the key to your partnership level and its benefits by committing yourself to a set of requirements for each partnership level. A range of criteria rather than any single one will determine your Partner status. This allows you to carry on playing to your strength as a business, rather than moulding your business to suit us.

  • Transparent
  • Mutual partnership
  • Skills and technological expertise
  • Loyalty and commitment
  • Sales performance